Waxzilla Pass

Prevent Spamming!
Since there is no limit on the number of accounts that a user can create on the blockchain platform, the problem of unethical upvoting always looms during the ranking of items. to counter this spamming, we introduced the Waxzilla Pass which is required to be bought from the market and returned to the Waxzilla smart contract for user verification. Once verified, users may upvote the products and participate in giveaways.
The Bronze Pass is an NFT and is valued at 6 WAX.
Any user who wishes to upvote a product has to purchase this pass. The pass adds a layer of security to the process of upvoting by preventing spamming as only the verified users with the pass can upvote.
We plan to launch other passes as well, which are discussed in the next chapter. As we grow we will be introducing more passes which include - a) Silver Pass b) Gold Pass c) Diamond Pass