Brief Overview

The Blockchain is evolving, and so are the dApps, NFTs, Web3.0 and Metaverse built on top. In times when we are witnessing the evolution of Web3.0, projects are more and more reliant on the participation of the community to help onboard maximum users. Without the participation of the community, decentralised gaming, web3, and metaverse projects are not possible. Community participation is what makes a project stand out from other projects. It's the small members of the community who bring big success. Be it exchange listing, word of mouth for token sales, or NFT drops, the more hyped a community is, the more successful project in the Web3.0 space gets. Surprisingly, community building, gauging community participation, and management, which play a crucial role, is yet to see a structure which may help all the parties involved. Waxzilla plans to develop all tools required by decentralised Application founders to market their visions, build a community around them and manage their community well. Waxzilla team is passionately working on tools which will help both the dApp founders and community members to come together and promote ideas they love.