Analyze Data

A business's ability to drive above-market growth hinges on the depth of its consumer insights and how well it translates those insights into effective action. Waxzilla is not just limited to providing tools to build community and engage with them but also help businesses to obtain data and analyze those data to have an insight related to their campaigns and marketing efforts. We help with insights based on time, geography, users, age, sentiments and so on.

  • The time of the day a particular Quest receives the most number of user interactions.

  • The particular geographic locations where a product has the most engagement.

  • The age group of people that interacts with a specific commmunity.

  • The League of users that shows the most interest in an item.

  • The percentage of unfinished Quests.

  • The instances where users get stuck during interactions with products or giveaways.

  • Overall traffic on the product giveaway and the campaign.

  • Sentiments within your community (Waxzilla bots)

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