For Users

Benefits for users and the Dashboard
A plethora of methods have been implemented in Waxzilla to give users incentives for any actions they take, such as when a user plays a Contest, Roulette and interacts with Campaigns to name a few. Users have to perform Daily Tasks from their Dashboard to earn rewards.
The users also get to participate in Contests/Daily Tasks/Questionnaires/Quiz to earn reward points. Upvoting a product also earn the user reward points.
These reward points (NFTs or Tokens) can be claimed using the smart contract.

User Dashboard

Waxzilla provides dashboards to both the users and the product owners, which provide the required analytics (discussed in the Technical Features) of the user's/owners actions.
User's Dashboard also has recommendations for targeted products/services which are, again, based on the Tags.
It contains the Daily Tasks that the user performs to earn rewards. It also shows the users' global ranking, the NFT/Token rewards gained so far, their Influence, etc. along with basic information such as the number of followers.
Just like the Business Dashboard, the User Dashboard is also a tool that helps users increase their league ranking and increase influence by providing important analytical information.
User Dashboard