Benefits of Waxzilla

Waxzilla packs a ton of benefits for both, Businesses and Users alike. It provides easy community-building, management, and engagement tools.
We are building an incentivized marketing and reward system that allows businesses to connect their vision with the target communities(Blockchains). Waxzilla gives businesses, a medium to directly reach out to community members, thereby bypassing the need for an excessive amount of marketing budget or a big team. It also provides them with analytics to gauge the community's interests.
Not just for Businesses, Waxzilla has a long list of advantages for Users as well. Users can find all the upcoming and curated products/services on Waxzilla as communities. It allows them to get rewards or points for promoting community projects. It also has the feature to send alerts on Telegram and Discord related to new communities, quests/giveaways or what your friend is participating in. Users can also access Waxzilla tools to increase their influence and followers within the Blockchain Community.
The Businesses and the Users also get the relevant analytics and the engagement history from their respective Dashboard.