Targeted Communication / Segmentation

Targeted communication means finding a target audience according to your business and transmitting the information to it in an appropriate and attractive way. Waxzilla provides Businesses with tools to directly engage with the audience that may be interested to be a part of the project or idea you are working on. We target the audience based on - 1. Country 2. Leagues 3. Gangs 4. Influencers 5. High-Worth 6. Age League System - Waxzilla uses a League system to reward users with exceptionally high engagements and activities. Users are assigned to different leagues based on their activity and each league comes with its own set of benefits. We will be adding a global league system to trace most active users and give them rewards. Gangs System - Waxzilla allots a category for users based on their previous history or participation and NFTs they hold in their wallets. Users are tagged under different tags including P2E gang, Web3.0 gang and so on. Using gangs and leagues, businesses can market their products to such high-performing members who can work closely with the community to build a strong customer base.

The notification or message to the targeted audience is sent using On-web Notification also our telegram bot and discord bot help extend the reach, we will be informing users with Quests being added and community they might be interested to join through our message and platform.

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