For Business

Benefits for businesses and the Dashboard
Every business or product requires analyzing the market and targeting the interested communities to expand. In the blockchain community, businesses have to reach out to segregated communities on Telegram channels/Discord servers or use bots to target members, this leads to wastage of resources and effort. Waxzilla provides a structured process and the tools to target interested communities and onboard them, thereby saving businesses the hassle of interacting with communities on different platforms.
The Dashboard provided to the business owners allows them to have access to the recommendations of particular gangs (based on the Tags) for their products. This further eliminates the need for spamming or a bot by allowing a medium to communicate directly with the audience.
It gives the required data insights to the product owners such as the traffic on their products, the time of the day when most users interact with their giveaways, etc.
These analytical features help the product grow and build a community to maximize its reach.