The Waxzilla Story

How did we come up with the idea of Waxzilla?
While working on the marketing strategy for Reloadd.io, we realized that we need to target interested communities to onboard them. Most new projects build their communities which are scattered on platforms like Telegram/Discord. So we planned to reach out to such communities but felt this restricts the free flow of information to the entire community at once. It often happens that many new products phase out early on after launch because they are unable to market their product efficiently due to the unavailability of a structured system.
This led to the search for an explorer where we can get the communities to market our product. The blockchain industry is growing faster than ever and the need of the hour is to have a platform where all the community members can interact with the products/services listed by businesses. Although a few explorers like Dapp.com exist, all of them lack in one aspect or the other, especially the feature to provide a curated list of businesses. This is when the idea of Waxzilla was incepted. While it allows community members to be on top of all the latest developments, it also presents an opportunity for businesses (community owners) to build their communities and market their products more effectively.
Though creating an explorer such as Waxzilla was easy, there was a challenge: to differentiate the listed items and provide a curated list. In Waxzilla, we do this using the Upvote option, allowing users to like a community. The upvotes given to an item are visible to all the users and assist them in community selection by providing a curated list.
While working on the Upvote feature, we knew that this feature might result in spamming. To counter this issue of unethical use of the feature, we introduced the Waxzilla Bronze Pass. Only verified and authenticated users, who purchase the pass can upvote a product.
At this stage, we already have an explorer that allows businesses to list their products/businesses, a way for the users to interact with those communities and also upvote the same. The next big challenge was to onboard businesses and users on Waxzilla. Businesses want any platform to first provide them with a target consumer base, while the user wants the platform to have products listed by the businesses. To counter this 'Chicken-Egg' situation, Waxzilla provides tools to the businesses to present 'Giveaways' to encourage the users to interact with their product and also to incentivize the actions of users, allowing the businesses to build bigger communities and market their products more extensively. This solution enables a network effect between the users and the businesses: products offer giveaways to users, users upvote, engage with the product, and in turn get rewarded, the experienced users also attract more similar products from businesses looking to increase their communities.
To make Waxzilla the complete package, we also implemented tools that can recommend community to users based on user data and suggest the target community to the product owners.